The Best Wineries in Ohio Amish Country

Ohio’s Amish Country is one of the best-kept secrets in getaways and vacations. With tranquil hotels and Ohio Amish Country bed and breakfasts, you’ll find it is easy to begin planning your getaway. Anyone looking for a unique cultural experience is sure to find something new and exciting in this area. One of the best features of Amish country is its many unique wineries. These wineries offer unique insights into the culture and heritage of Ohio’s Amish Country. Read on for a list of some of the best wineries in Ohio Amish Country.

Breitenbach Wine Cellars

Breitenbach Wine Cellars offers over 40 varieties of wine, including fresh fruit and dandelion wines. This winery was founded n 1980 by its owner Duke Bixler. Its name in German means “bright or broad stream”, and it refers to the stream that runs through the beautiful property the winery is located on. Breitenbach also offers a beautiful indoor wedding venue known as “The Toolshed.” This venue is tastefully decorated and sits just outside the vineyards, which allow for photo opportunities.

Broad Run Cheeshouse

Broad Run Cheeshouse is an ideal destination for those interested in pairing delicious wines and cheeses. This location boasts more than 70 years of cheesemaking and offers wine tours and tastings. The cheese-makers’ wine brand, named Swiss Heritage Wines opened in recent years as the perfect pairing to the cheese houses legendary cheeses. Broad run offers 17 flavors of wine currently. Broad Run Cheesehouse has been operating since 1933 and continues to thrive today.

Baltic Mill Winery

Baltic Mill Winery was purchased by a couple by the name of Dan and Judy Garver in 2013. Dan worked in the medical microbiology field for much of his life — a field which naturally turned his interest to wine making. Dan and his wife Judy finally realized their dream of of opening up a winery when they purchased the historic venue it is located on. This winery has been recently renovated; the building that it rests in was originally a historic flour mill, and more recently, a gift shop. The aspiring couple stripped and renovated the building, while still leaving much of the historic charm that the building houses. The winery is available for venue rental, and offers tours and tastings.