Things to do with your Dog in Durango, CO

If you are looking for a dog-friendly town, look no further than Durango, CO. With countless hiking trails, dog parks, restaurants, and pet-friendly lodging in Durango, CO, you will have no trouble finding activities that both you and your furry friend can enjoy. Here is a short list of some dog-friendly activities you’ll find in Durango.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory 
The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory began right in the heart of Durango and has been making chocolates and other tasty treats for over 30 years. They not only have delicious treats for you but they also offer delicious treats for your dogs. Of course, the treats have detailed nutrition labels and no chocolate is included in treats for your pet. If you feel like taking a stroll and getting a snack with your pet, this is the place to go.

Animas River Trail 
If you are more of a hiker and want to explore Durango’s beautiful scenery along with your pup, the Animas River Trail is a great choice. At seven miles long, following the breathtaking Animas River, this trail is paved and dog friendly, though dogs must be on a leash. The trail branches off to just about anywhere in Durango that you may want to go. You can find more hiking trails once you branch off from Animals River Trail that lead to unpaved areas to explore.

Durango Dog Park 
If your looking for somewhere you can take your dog off leash, the Durango Dog Park is a great choice. Also accessible via the Animas River Trail, the Durango Dog Park is a massive playground for both you and your dog. At six square miles, you and your dog can run, jump, and even go for a quick dip in the Animas River. You and your dog can even meet other dogs and make some new friends. The Durango Dog Park is a must see for dog owners and even non dog owners if you just wanna pet some pups!

If you have a dog, Durango, CO is the place to be. These are just a few of the many awesome places Durango has to offer for both you and your dog! Explore this beautiful town with both your family and your furry friends for endless outdoor recreation and fresh mountain air.