Ways to Save Money for a Trip

Traveling can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. There are many things you can cut back on in your everyday lifestyle that can make quite a difference in your bank account. Setting realistic goals and starting a traveling fund is just the first step. Here are our tips on ways you can save money for your next trip.

Cut back on expensive coffee.

If you’re paying up to five dollars for your latte each day, that adds up quickly. Make your own coffee at home and bring it with you in a thermos or travel mug. If you’re short on time, occasional trips to the coffeehouse are okay but opt for the regular brewed coffee instead of the macchiato you love so much. It can save you up to $1,000 in a year.

Spend less on lunch.

Same idea, but it requires a little more prepping. Instead of eating out for lunch or grabbing a quick sandwich from your favorite spot, start meal prepping for lunches from home. You don’t have to sacrifice taste, but you’ll save plenty with just this small change. If you can’t pack your lunch, try to keep the costs low. Choose cheaper items such as soup or salad.

Avoid restaurants whenever possible.

Going out for a meal is a fun affair, but it sneakily eats a hole in your budget. You can easily spend up to $50 for just one meal. Try to avoid eating out whenever possible, but when the occasional celebratory event comes up, just be conscious of how much you’re spending on your food.

Stay in.

Going to bars and clubs and attending expensive shows can quickly add up. Instead, try to entertain yourself from home. Have your friends over to play cards or have a movie night.

Quit your expensive habits.

Calling all smokers and spa-goers. These habits may be enjoyable to you in the short-term, but you may not realize how much of your budget they’re taking up. Attempt to kick them to the curb, or at the very least, cut back.