Wild Horse Tours in Outer Banks

horseViewing Wildlife At Its Best

The Outer Banks, located in North Carolina, is one of the most beautiful places in the state–if not the country. With long stretches of beach and beautiful trails, a visitor is sure to fall in love with the area. One of the coolest activities that you can do in the Outer Banks is to go on wild horse tours. While you may have seen horses at farms or at fairs, you haven’t truly seen a horse until you’ve watched them in their own natural habitat living freely. There are quite a few wild horse tours that you can find in the area. This article will briefly describe some of the places where you can go on a wild horse tour.

1. Wild Horse Adventure Tours

If you want a comprehensive tour, then you need to head to Wild Horse Adventure Tours. They have exclusive access to certain regions of the horse sanctuary. That means you can’t go into those places through anyone else. The tour itself is quite relaxing, too. You get to sit in an open-air hummer that drives through you various terrain in the Outer Banks and wild horse preserve. Whether it’s through the trees or along the sand, you’ll see more than just wild horses. Many different kinds of local wildlife have made the area their home. The tour guide can give information on each species that you see. In addition, the guide will also go over the history and local myths of the area. Of course, you’ll also see plenty of wild horses.

2. Kitty Hawk Kites

Another place that offers wild horse tours in the Outer Banks is Kitty Hawk Kites. Besides offering wild horse tours, the business also has tours for various other creatures and activities. So, if you still feel like exploring after your wild horse tour is finished, you can sign up for another tour right after. For the wild horse tour, however, you are comfortably seated in their custom vehicle that takes you through the area in search of the wild horses. They also offer private parties, so if you want a special and intimate tour of the area and the horses, then you might consider them.

3. Back Country Safari Tours

This location offers off-roading adventures and wild horse seeing. It’s perfect for those wanting a thrill as it is truly an up close and personal experience you get to have with the wild mustangs! You can choose how you would like to see the wild horses by kayak or safari truck. This is truly a one of a kind experience that you won’t want to miss out on if you’re in Outer Banks!

Outer Banks Accommodations

When it comes to running around with wild horses all day, you will want somewhere peaceful to lay your head to rest at night. There are many different options for places to stay in the area including vacation rentals from Paramount Destinations offering houses for just a few people or larger groups of people. This is the perfect option for somewhere to stay in the Outer Banks!